Artists Statement

Evening on the Skirfare
Evening on the Skirfare. Linocut.

Whilst landscape and wildlife are recurring themes in my work I don’t consider myself to be either a landscape or a wildlife artist. Being happy to tackle any subject I feel will make an interesting or challenging print.

For me printmaking, especially making a reduction linocut, is like a puzzle, but one with a certain element of surprise. For all the planning and working out that is done beforehand, there is no certainty about the outcome of the finished image. Until with the strange alchemy of art it gradually appears through the mists of the previous colour.

As well as linocuts I also make mezzotint and drypoint prints, each technique allowing development of different aspects of the subject. My linocuts are about colour and pattern, mezzotints explore mood and atmosphere and drypoints a more linear graphic approach.