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As a printmaker I make original limited edition prints, but what does this mean? From the original idea; a field sketch or simple doodle the design is developed and then transferred on to the block or plate. This block or plate, known as the matrix is then worked in such a way that it will, when inked and printed, transfer the design on to a sheet of paper (the artwork that ends up hanging on the wall).

Each print is taken individually by hand and although every effort is made to make each print as uniform as  possible, this is not a mechanical process and no two impressions are exactly the same. Variations in the resulting prints can be influenced by wiping technique, ink viscosity, plate characteristics, paper and other printing methods.

Impressions taken from the same plate create an edition. Each print is individually numbered and signed by the artist and each one, although part of an edition is an individual work of art in its own right.