My approach to making a linocut is in many respects very painterly. As a painter uses a brush to transfer pigment (paint) from palette to paper or canvas, I use the lino block as the vehicle to move ink to the paper.

Linocuts are relief prints, material is removed from the block and the areas that remain, hold the ink and print the image. My prints are reduction, sometimes called suicide prints, all the colours are cut and printed sequentially from a single block working from light to dark.

The first stage is to remove any areas that are to remain white in the finished image. The block is then inked with the first colour (usually the lightest) and then printed. Any areas that are to remain this colour are then removed and the next colour is printed. This process of cutting away continues as the colours get progressively darker and the material remaining on the block gets smaller. By the time the print is finished all that remains of the block are the areas that have printed the final darkest colour.